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Friday, September 9, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up | Week 4

Week 4 is done and there goes one month of school!  Is it just me or does 2016 seem to be flying by at extreme speeds?!?

The whole week seemed a blur so I am having a hard time recapping this week!

I did set up this little bin to hold our trivia/vocabulary cards because they were beginning to overtake my desk.  It is working great so far.  

Sarah's geography focus for the next 2 weeks is North America with this week's emphasis on the USA.  We decided to sign up for the geography fair in November too so we need to make a plan to start prepping for that each week.  Sarah chose Canada and Stephen chose Chile as their countries.

This country fact sheet is from

We reviewed Logic of English last year and are continuing through the book this year.  Sarah is really enjoying seeing the words all fit together and it's helping her spelling confidence too.

Stephen began reading a new book for English this week and finished up his first A.C.E. pace so we have another book added to the done pile!  

We are still currently reading aloud from Kingdom Tales and Pray-ers (review coming soon).

I am continuing to read in Hosea and the gospel of John for quiet time.  Next week is going to be a busy one as basketball tryouts for both children will be going on and I am going to try my hand at a few freezer meals. I've double portions before and froze them but never actually attempted several meals at once!  

So, leave any tips you have in the comment section - please!!

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