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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Weekly Wrap-Up Week 3

Week 3 had a very special day in it - Sarah's 13th birthday!  Yes, now we have a house full of teenagers!  I've said it before many times but it is worth saying again - time sure flies!!

Every year now for many years, her favorite thing to do is to make her own birthday cake. Here is this year's creation.  

In school, we are continuing along with our trivia questions and added in Science and Geometry for Stephen.  Here is a quick glance at my stash.  Yes, I am still learning myself. Review coming soon on Getting Started With French. 

Here is a quick glance at Stephen's stash.  

Here is a quick look at some of Sarah's stash.  

Geography is our big focus this year.  So far we've covered an overview of the continents and oceans as we prepare to visit each continent this year.  

Our current read aloud time is coming from the stories in this book.  We love the way they make the stories relate back to our relationship with God.  

2 books in the done section!

I am continuing to read in Hosea and finished Romans this week in my Bible studies.  I will begin in the gospel of John next week.  

My step goal is seriously suffering for the past month at least.  I just cannot seem to get back focused!  

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  1. How cool that she makes her own birthday cake! Sounds like your school year is off to a great start already - we don't start until tomorrow.

  2. One of my daughters has begun enjoying making her own cake, too. I like the idea of the "done" section. I'll bet that's an encouragement for everyone to see things go in there! - Lori


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