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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Review of Annual Subscription

My daughter now has own kids email! She has been sending and receiving emails with the Annual Subscription from When you turn 13 in our home, you not only step into the teenage years but it is also the introduction to the world of social media. Yes, their friends have all mostly already begun before age 13 by lying about their age but we make ours wait until they can truthfully put in their birth date.

Truth be told though this is a scary step for me. I know what the internet holds and it is a scary place without some supervision. I am always upfront with my children and tell them that I will be monitoring their accounts and I am extremely grateful when products come along to make that job so much easier! came along at just the perfect time for us. Sarah turned 13 at the beginning of September so her first step into the social media world was to set up an email account and that's where has made my life so much simpler. I feel that she is so much safer using this email than any other.

Some of the features of that we love are:

Mail monitoring - Parents receive a copy of all incoming and outgoing emails.

Blocking and Filtering - You can block senders or simply set up the account to only receive emails from the email addresses on your contact list. You can also block emails from going or coming at certain times of the day as well as filter out any that may contain foul language. You have the option to block images or attachments too.

Mail Queue - This is where emails go when they have failed the safety rules that you have set up. You can then choose to let them go into your child's inbox or delete them. I LOVE this feature so much!

Template options - There are several background options to choose allowing your child to customize their email landing page.

App - There is an app available for children who have smartphones. There is also a GPS tracking feature you can set up with the app. Sarah does not have a smartphone but she played around with it using my phone and is excited when that next milestone comes. In our house, you can purchase a smartphone when you can pay for it yourself!

Just like in other email programs, you an set up folders to filter emails and have the options of different fonts, sizes, and even emoticons.  There is also a fun drawing board feature.  

I really liked that I could change the email address to instead of and Sarah could have her own area where she could log in her information separate from mine. When emails come in they look like every other email so kids have no reason to feel like this program is babyish or anything other than what other email programs offer.
With the types of security that this email program features, I would even consider allowing my children to have their own email before they turned 13. I really wish we had this around when my boys were younger too!

With the annual subscription, you can add up to 6 email accounts for $38.95/year. There is also a monthly option at $4.95/month where you can add 4 email accounts.

You can sign up for a 30 day free trial to see if this program will work for your family. No credit card needed! Annual Subscription

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