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Monday, September 19, 2016

Virtual Homeschool Coop | Assignment #2 | Dealing With Negativity Towards Homeschool | #VHC

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This response is my part of the Virtual Homeschool Coop Channel Collaboration. You can find out more at The goal of the Virtual Homeschool Coop is to build the homeschool community of knowledge with collaborations to give voice to all experiences in homeschooling.

I almost just skipped this question because in all honesty we have not faced any negative comments about homeschooling.  Both of our families fully support our decision and we are constantly being approached by others who want to homeschool their children because I ALWAYS tell them, "If I can do this, anybody can!" and I truly believe that especially if you are a Christian.  The list of people who are now homeschooling in our circle includes fellow church members, family, friends, and even previous school teachers!

Yes, it is a scary first step and you will doubt every decision you make but I promise you if God has laid this on your heart, He will pull you through and equip you with what you need.  

We had one mission when we began homeschooling and that was to teach our children God's Word so they could grow in their relationship with Him.  I knew that if I could accomplish that one goal, He would equip them with whatever else He wanted them to learn!  You can read more about our mission statement aka our "why" here.  

So, it's not really easy for me to tell you how to deal with negative comments when I haven't really faced them in our journey but I have to believe I would deal with them the way I do all negative people in general and oh boy I have dealt with my share of negative people.  

1) Take it all with a grain of salt - you do what works best for you.  This is your life, these are your children, this is your family.  They really have no right to say anything.

2) Simply ignore them.  Most negative comments come from pure ignorance and have no merit whatsoever.

3) If need be pull yourself away from them.  If it is a family member or friend who is constantly bombarding you with negativity, simply tell them this is your choice.  If they can't take that, distance yourself from them.  You can still show them love but it doesn't have to be daily or even weekly!

If you would like to join the Coop, go here to learn more. No voice is too small! 


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