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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

2021 Budget Calendars - 3 options available

Below you will find 3 options available for downloading my 2021 Budget Calendars.  

The first option available is FREE, and available for a quick download by simply clicking on the calendar image. These are my original design from 13 years ago when I first began getting serious about budgeting.

The second option is also a FREE option but only available to blog subscribers.  You must be a subscriber here to gain access to these calendars.  You may subscribe by clicking the calendar image and the calendar link will be sent to you via email.  I try to complete these each September so my subscribers gain access to these before any one else.  Thank you to all of my subscribers!  Your feedback and support has helped to create this version of my 2021 Subscriber Budget Calendars.

Also available this year is a 2 page per month PAID option.  As I have been budgeting for so many years now, I have found it necessary to make tweaks to fit my budgeting style.  I spent quite a bit of time creating this new format and thought I would also make it available.  Again, this is a paid digital download version but as always the calendars above are absolutely free!  

If you would like to try out the paid option before you buy, use coupon code TRYFORFREE to gain access to the last quarter of 2020.  I am also willing to make minor tweaks and adjustments to fit your budgeting style.  Just let me know!  You can get a discount of 25% off for referring others.  They get 25% off and so will you!
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I hope these options help to ease your budgeting in 2021!