Today's Wisdom

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Week 19

We've had a lot going on!  We need to buckle down and get back on schedule.  We've taken some time off and had some fun events happening.  Box Day for next school year has arrived already!  We all wanted to dive right in, but I guess we better finish this year first.  :)  

In my life this week… 

I finished up our last Beth Moore Esther study with the ladies at church.  We are all excited to begin the next one!  God has truly gifted Ms. Moore and I'm so glad she shares!!  I made these candy bar wrappers to give as a reminder of our study.

In our homeschool this week… 

We had a great week with a fun little snow flurry - giving us a quick pause in our schedule.  Yeah, this seems to be about all we can get in the south.  :)

We also had science club where the kids got to make their own volcanoes and watched a demonstration on elephant toothpaste.  

A few weekends ago, we had the privilege of attending a local Dance Revolution tour.  It was awesome!  Not only did my children enjoy dancing ALL DAY LONG, but I loved the message and the time to grow closer to the other studio parents.  Sarah gave her presentation on her experience at CC.  She's wearing a t-shirt and bracelet that she purchased while she was there.  We love the shirt and the saying - on the front:  HOLLA, on the back:  LUJAH!  Can you guess who our artist study was on?

Things I’m working on… 

Cleaning the Shelves...
Be sure to check out my post here and here for some items that we no longer need and really need to get rid of to make room for more.  More to come soon!

I’m grateful… 

That my God holds me tightly in His hands!!  Here's to a wonderful new week full of His mercies and grace!

I'm linking up with The Homeschool Mother's JournalWeekly Wrap-Upand Collage Friday. I love looking at other homeschoolers weeks!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Clearing the Shelves - Part 2

See Part 1 here.

Next up...Lightning Lit & Comp - 7th grade

Apologia - I don't really even want to sell these!  But we have read them all and I do want to bless another homeschool family with them.  These would definitely make our favorite homeschool curriculum list.  

Cleaning Off The Shelves! Take A Look!

It's that time when the new homeschool curriculum starts arriving and I need to make room for it so I hit the shelves in purge mode.  All items are from a smoke free, pet free home.  I prefer payment by paypal.  If you are willing to pay for the shipping - I'll ship anywhere.  :)

I decided to take a quick video of some of the items.  I hope I didn't make you dizzy!!

First up - items from The Struggling Reader.

Second Items up for sale - lots of readers for all levels!

More to come in another post!  Let me know if you have any questions.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Box Day Should Be Coming Soon!

We are still plugging along with this year but I like to start ordering our curriculum for next year around this time. 

So, My Father's World (MFW) Rome to Reformation

and MFW World History and Literature 

is packed, shipped and on it's way!

Right now MFW has all their curriculum discounted with a flat $4.95 shipping. On March 1st, prices and shipping go up. Go here for more.

I also came across what I thought was a great deal on Dave Ramsey's Foundations in Personal Finance For Teens. It's on sale for $67 shipped but only for 4 more days. Go here for more information.

It finally feels like we have the curriculum that work for us!