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Monday, May 2, 2016

Blogging Through The Alphabet With God's Word - Letter Z!

Sharing a little ABC's of the Bible!

I'm teaching these to my preschool class and if 3-4 year old preschoolers can memorize them, surely we can too! We are also learning the ASL alphabet along with the verses too.

I can't believe we are already on Week 26!!  Here is the final letter.

Letter Z is ...Psalm 97:8 - Zion hears and is glad, and the daughters of Judah rejoice, because of Your judgments, O' Lord. 

I hope you have enjoyed these as much as I have!  I love seeing little children excited about memorizing God's Word. Here is a free printable with all the verses on them for you too.  Click the picture to print or download.  

Here is a look through the Bible verses from A-Z!

Here are the other letters in the series in case you missed them:
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Letter C         Letter I         Letter O            Letter V
Letter D         Letter J        Letter P             Letters W & X
Letter E         Letter K        Letter Q            Letter Y
Letter F         Letter L        Letters R&S


  1. Thanks for the printable! That's awesome! The 26 weeks went quickly.

    1. Google docs is denying me access to the printable though. :)

    2. I'm sorry, Edie! I forgot to change the share settings. Would you mind trying again and letting me know if it works? Thank you!

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