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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Old Schoolhouse Freebies Just For You!

Through out the month of April, The Old Schoolhouse is offering up a few freebies just for you - my readers!!  Since I am totally failing at any type of organization at the moment, I thought these might motivate me and give you some encouragement and tips too.

By using the code MLCREW16, you will receive the following 3 freebies!  Don't forget, they're only available through the month of April!

Freebie 1)  Molly Green E-Book: Organize With Molly

In this freebie, you will find articles on a household inventory binder, couponing, frugal storage ideas, menu planning, cleaning and organization, and so much more!  This is a collection of a year's worth of organization articles!

Freebie 2) HomeWork: Juggling Home, Work, and School Without Losing Your Balance

Are there any work at home moms here trying to homeschool and keep up with the house too?

Here are a few of the topics covered in this e-book. . .

  • Considering a new home business endeavor, or already working from home,
  • Seeking creative ideas or exploring opportunities that might work for you,
  • Wondering how to set up a home business,
  • In need of some inspiration, encouragement, motivation, or advice from experienced home”preneurs who”ve been there, or
  • Wondering how others manage homeschooling and homework and continue to smile,

Freebie 3)  Organize Your Homeschool

Have you ever purchased double of the same book before?  I have!  In this e-book you will...

  • Learn how to adapt an organizational system to fit the curriculum and supplies you use.
  • Figure out the best location for books and supplies, a place that works best for your family’s learning and living lifestyle.
  • Discover the top ten supplies for organizing.
  • Create a plan that will keep everything organized.
So go ahead, choose one, two, or all three and let's get organized!  Don't forget you will need to use the code MLCREW16 and order before the end of April.  These are guaranteed not to clutter your home bookshelves - that's a step in the right direction already.  :)

I'd love to know what you learn and even more I'd love to know what you implement!  


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