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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Review of Heroes of History - Ronald Reagan

Christian Heroes {YWAM Publishing Review}

It is no secret, we are huge fans of YWAM Publishing! About 95% of our read aloud books are picked from their lineup of wonderful books which include Heroes of History and Christian Heroes: Then & Now. So, when the chance to review the book, Heroes of History- Ronald Reagan and the Digital Unit Study became available, we were ecstatic!

YWAM Publishing offers many styles of books focusing on the topics of ministry, education, evangelism, discipleship, and prayer.

This year is our year of American History. We cycle through the history years so this is our 2nd time studying US History. Can you believe that we were in the 1980's just as this book became available to us? We couldn't have asked for more perfect timing!

Christian Heroes {YWAM Publishing Review}
Ronald Reagan: Destiny at His Side shares interesting facts of Ronald Reagan's life such as acquiring the nickname "Dutch" and how that came about.  This 224 page paperback book takes you through his childhood, adolescent years, college days, Hollywood days, all the way to his political career, death, and burial.  Journey back in time as you visit Dutch's early days of struggling through poverty, his father's alcohol addiction, illness, and small town life.  Through all the hardships, he continued to press on and never gave up trying to chase his dreams.  Even an assassination attempt couldn't stop him! He always had a passion for sports and drama and this book takes you through his life as he explores those passions.  We loved following along his career paths from lifeguard, to radio announcer, to Hollywood actor, to Army officer, to politics.

As always, after we finished reading we were left with so much more knowledge of our 40th President of the United States.  We clearly saw how all the events in his life molded him to be such an effective communicator.   
Although, we mainly use these are read aloud books to supplement our history and Bible lessons there is so much more you can add in when you add in the Unit Study Guide. The study guide includes many ideas to enhance your studies incorporating the subjects of history, art, geography, reading comprehension, creative and essay writing, drama, public speaking, and so much more. 
We orally answered the chapter questions after finishing each chapter. All answers are included as well in case you would like your student to read the book on his/her own. The questions include vocabulary, facts, comprehension, and opinion questions. Here is a sampling of the style of questions. I really loved that they included the page numbers for the vocabulary as well so if needed the student could go back to find the word in the context of the sentence.
There are also lots of fun ideas for various projects included. I chose to have my children work on a power point presentation.


We would highly recommend any of the books published by YWAM Publishing whether you are looking to supplement your current curriculum or use these as a starting point for a complete unit study! These books are truly our favorites! You can check out another review we did on Milton Hershey.

The paperback book of Ronald Reagan is currently on sale for $7.50 and if can also be purchased in several different formats making it a great on the go resource too! The formats include regular Audiobook CD, Audiobook MP3 download, Nook edition (e-book), Kindle edition (e-book), and regular e-book download. Visit here for all the different options.

I love this map that includes the heroes available in chronological order as well as where they were born and died.

To discover more on what YWAM Publishing has to offer, visit them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. They also have a Blog.

Be sure to click the banner below to find out about the other books offered from YWAM Publishing that my fellow crewmates had the opportunity to review.

Christian Heroes {YWAM Publishing Review}

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