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Monday, July 23, 2012

Our Curriculum 2012-2013 - 9th grade

This year I admittedly say I'm shaking in my boots (read flip flops).  We will have a freshman aka high schooler aka 9th grader aka new and unknown.  

I cannot believe how the time really does fly.  Those of you with babies, toddlers, or even elementary students -


9th Grade Curriculum

drum roll please....

My Father's World - Ancient History and Literature 

This includes our Bible, History, and English.  Some of the books we will be enjoying this year.  We are beginning our new school year on August 13 - my high schooler was thrilled (insert sarcasm) to know that he was starting school a full week ahead of his siblings.  This is a recommendation from MFW so that we can get him started on the right path because he will striving for complete independence.

We also went with MFW recommendations for Science, Foreign Language and electives.

Science - Apologia's Exploring Creation with Physical Science

Rosetta Stone - Spanish


For Math, we decided to continue with Teaching Textbooks - Algebra.

After completion, Jonathan should have achieved 7 credits.

Bible: Old Testament - 1
English: Ancient Literature - 1
History: Ancient History - 1
Math: Algebra - 1
Science: Biology - 1
Foreign Language: Spanish 1 - 1
Electives: Introduction to Logic - .5
               Driver's Ed - .5

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  1. Hi Melissa,

    We are doing MFW AHL for 9th grade as well. We did a jumpstart week last week but will go full speed ahead 9/3/. I'll be visiting here to see how you guys are doing.


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