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Monday, July 9, 2012

Back To Homeschool - 2012

Welcome to Grace Christian Homeschool!

GRACE - God Recognizes A Child's Education
GRACE - God's Rainbows Always Comfort Everyone

We couldn't decide so we have a formal acronym and and family one.  :) This year, we represent elementary, middle, and high school.  Wow!  We are entering into our 5th year of homeschool.

In our homeschool this year we have......

A high schooler (oh my!) - Jonathan, our first born, 14.  This is the child that stood as the guinea pig for our family.  He started in preschool at a local church, then we homeschooled k-4, sent him to public school for Kindergarten through 4th, and finally homeschool for 5th-current.  If any of our children could take all of that uncertainty though - it would be Jonathan.  He is the child who keeps me laughing.  He has a boldness for God that is unmatched and I pray he will continue that bold spirit.  He would definitely fall into the strong willed category.  But as Gianna Jessen reminded at a recent Forward Conference, "the strong willed will have an enormous destiny".

Next up, our middle schooler!  Entering 6th grade, 11 years old - Stephen.  He is quick to tell you that "he is in the middle, playing the fiddle."  This child has a heart unlike anyone I've ever seen.  He is the compromiser, the easy going, let you have it your way kid.  He puts others before himself with an ease that can only be admired.  He is a constant inspiration to me!

And finally our little princess, Sarah, entering 4th grade at 9 (she is currently 8 but will turn 9 in Sept).  I tell her often that as a little girl, I always wanted a bigger brother to look after me and she has 2 plus her daddy.  :)  She is my girly girl.  She loves Barbies, baby dolls, finger nail polish, and playing mama!  She is my right hand, my helper above helpers.  She cleans and organizes without even being asked!!!  "Mom, I organized your shower gels and shampoo" is not an unusual statement to hear from her.  Her room as a toddler stayed in disarray and then one day she did a complete 360 and has never turned back.   I am so grateful for the help that she is to me!

And finally we have my husband and me.  We were high school sweethearts so we have been together for 23 years this year and married for 15.  Our love and marriage just keeps getting stronger!  I am so thankful that God has blessed me with this man!

Life is good and it just keeps getting better! Here we go 2012-2013!


  1. What a great idea for a post! Loved meeting the family.

  2. I enjoyed reading about your family!! I have often said similar things about my strong willed child. She's bold, confident, determined,.. things that can make parenting more difficult, but things that might make her a mighty woman for the Lord someday! And also - WOW. I wish my girls would decide to do a 360 and decide to be organized. I would not argue. ;) Thank you so much for joining in and sharing your family. =)

  3. You have a lovely family. Thank you for sharing.

  4. We have always said this about our strong willed kids --> If we can get them to use their powers for good and not evil, they will change the world! LOL

  5. I know, right? It has been wonderful! Thank you for hosting!!


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