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Saturday, January 21, 2012

3 in 30 - January, Week 3

3in30 Challenge

January 2012 - Week 3 Update

My 3 goals for January...

  1. Homemaker - make goals for the year and divide them up for each month to work on - try to incorporate a specific plan of attack for each one.  done
  2. Personal - drink water - at least 1 pitcher a day. To help with this goal, I am making a pitcher of lemon water every morning and trying to finish it by mid afternoon. did great with this one again
  3.  Spiritual - pray daily for my spouse using 31 Days To Pray For Your Spouse - done! Still loving the ease of adding this to my day
hmmm...I thought my week was really off because I overslept several days and didn't get in a single bit of exercise but all 3 of my monthly goals are going great!  So, this has been a great encouragement to myself today.  It is funny how hard I can be on myself sometimes!!  Baby steps.


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