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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Review of Clued In Kids Treasure Hunts

Clued In KidsReview
Do you want to have a house full of laughter in less than 10 minutes?  Then, this review is for you!  We recently received 2 treasure hunts from Clued in Kids. They offer lots of different themed hunts to appeal to everyone but for this review we will focus on the Halloween Treasure Hunt and the Princess Treasure Hunt Clue Book.

Our family loves treasure hunts!  The hard part for me is often trying to come up with the clues so now the hard part is done for me so we can focus on the fun!
Clued In KidsReview
The Halloween Treasure Hunt is downloaded as a PDF product and can be purchased and downloaded right away for $5.99.  The clues print 2 to a page so you will need to cut the page in half and then you are ready to hide the clues. Also included with the hunt is one of my favorite pages, a page telling you exactly where each clue should be hid! There is also a note at the bottom of each clue addressed to the hunt leader telling them exactly where the clue needs to be hid.  They have truly made this as simple as possible!

The clues are designed so that you can place a child's name on the top if you feel they will need it.  Sometimes the excitement of the hunt may bring on the selfishness to find all the clues and not share so this little step remedies that situation!  It is also gives the parent an opportunity to assign the easier clues to a younger child and the more difficult clues to an older child.  

Some of the activities included in cracking the clue include multiplication, logic skills, reading skills, solving riddles, unscrambling words, dares, decoding, finding hidden objects, and many more.

The places to hide the clues are easily found household items such as by the forks, in the washer, by the toothbrushes, in the sock drawer, etc.

Here you can see some of the clues and the final hiding place for the treasure was to be placed inside a pumpkin.  Since we had not carved our pumpkins yet, I had these as decoration and they worked perfectly.  

For this treasure, I chose a totally gross science kit that went perfect for a Halloween treasure.  The kit came with this little trash can which fit perfectly inside the pumpkin so I just tore off the box label and placed it inside.

So, the fun continued as we enjoyed our gross science. 
Clued In KidsReview

Next up, we enjoyed the Princess Treasure Hunt Clue Book. This is a physical clue pad booklet and can be purchased for $8.99.  I originally chose this product to do with our little girls at church during our annual Princess of the King party but our time ran out and we could not get it in.  So, having my own little princess, I knew exactly what to do.  Double the hunt, double the fun!

Some of the activities included with this hunt were finding the Capital letter jewels, practicing your best and lowest curtsy, decoding with butterflies and flowers, gem patterns, and much more.

Again, the places to hide the clues were easily found in a household.  If doing this hunt at church, we would have just held on to some of the clues (such as the sock drawer) and let the little princesses do an activity to receive the clue (like walk to me in high heels). 

The final treasure for this hunt was found in the washing machine.  For this treasure, I simply put together a goody bag that included some chocolate, some craft kits, and a fun card game.

These are recommended for a wide variety of ages including some for ages 4 and up.  We had so much fun with these and my children are middle school age.  Middle schoolers still enjoy fun learning too!

Here are a few pictures during the hunt.

Other Places To Find Clued in Kids

If you sign up for their newsletter, you can receive a free hunt.  Clued in Kids is offering up a Christmas special over at their blog as well.

They also have subscription packages available where you can receive a new hunt every month.  

  •   3 month: $14.99 one-time
  •   6 month: $25.99 one-time
  • 12 month: $44.99 one-time 
Happy Hunting!

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