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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Review: Apologia's iWitness Series

Apologia Review
Apologia Educational Ministries is one of my favorite homeschooling places to go.  We've used many of their homeschooling science, Bible, and mama resources.  They have now published a new iWitness series that includes iWitness Biblical ArchaeologyNew Testament iWitness, Old Testament iWitness, Jesus iWitness, and Resurrection iWitness.  

We reviewed the first three books in the series, which included iWitness Biblical ArchaeologyNew Testament iWitness, and Old Testament iWitness.  I believe the last two will not be available until 2015 but they are currently listed on the website where you can also find a sample.

Have you ever wondered if the Bible has changed or if what we have available to us now is the original text? Is the Old Testament different from the Hebrew Bible? What criteria did a book require to be included in the New Testament? Who wrote the books of the Bible?

Well, Doug Powell, author and designer of the iWitness series, had these and many more questions that he wanted to find the answers to.  Here we have the results of those findings.  

Apologia Review
Old Testament iWitness sample page
Old Testament iWitness contains some of the most beautiful findings and artwork ever created. The words on the pages remind me somewhat of a scrapbook style. The text is in a handwritten style. Sometimes, I found the text a little hard on my old eyes but it really did draw your attention to the pages.

In this book you will discover the differences and similarities between the Hebrew Bible also known as the Tanakh (I did not know that before reading this book) and the Old Testament.  It carries you through on a visual tour of Jewish history and traditions, Canon criteria and formation, the Torah, the Nevi'im, the Ketuvi'im, Septuagint, the Vulgate and so much more.  It is packed with historical facts including some of the discoveries that have backed up the historical facts of the Bible.
Apologia Review
New Testament iWitness sample page

In the New Testament iWitness book, you will again find the handwritten style text and beautiful full color pages including the gorgeous artwork.  This book gives you the evidence needed to decide for yourself if the New Testament is important to a Christian's fulfillment of their faith.  You will also find the answers to these questions - why does the New Testament contain the books it does, were any left out, how do we know the books have been passed down to us accurately, and so much more. It includes the writings of theologians, church fathers, bishops from 1st, 2nd, and 3rd centuries, one of the oldest fragments of the New Testament and more to aid you in your investigation.  
Apologia Review
iWitness Biblical Archaeology sample page

The iWitness Biblical Archaeology book is about the archaeological finds all around the world just as the title presumes.  The book carries you on a visual archaeological tour beginning with the Old Testament Flood and ending with New Testament findings such as the shroud of Jesus.  You will be given the evidence to decide for yourself if the findings back up the historical information you find in the Bible.

Our Thoughts And How We Used These Books

You can purchase the books we reviewed, which included iWitness Biblical ArchaeologyNew Testament iWitness, and Old Testament iWitness, online at Apologia Educational Ministries.  They sell for $14.00 each plus any tax and s/h.  Each book is paperback with thick card stock covers on front and back and contains a little over 60+ pages.  The other two books in the series, Jesus iWitnessand Resurrection iWitness, can also be purchased online when released for $20 plus any tax and s/h.

They are recommended for many different ages, but the reading level would be 11+.  I think they would be a little difficult for my 11 year old to read by herself.  I think these are great books for family read aloud time and for high schoolers especially those studying theology and apologetics. The discussions they bring forth are invaluable.

We choose to read these books together as a family during our Bible time.  We all learned a lot that we did not know and had a great time discussing some of the archaeological finds and our thoughts on whether or not they backed up what we believe as the only true Word, The Bible.  Our favorite part of the books was the beautiful vivid pages of artwork and artifacts that every single page contained.

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