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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Review of UberSmart Math Facts

UberSmart Math Facts Review
Recently we were given the chance to review a fun software program from UberSmart Software called UberSmart Math Facts.  I know all 3 of my children could use the repetition of daily math facts and that's just what you get with this program.  

This program is a Windows based software program that runs with Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8.  Currently, it is not available for Mac users.  You can purchase a Family License here for $24.95. With this license, you can run Math Facts on all the computers in your home. You also get free upgrades and support.  There is a professional version available as well.  We received downloadable software for review.  Once you've purchased it, it is yours to keep for as long as you want it!  It can also be used with 8 or more students making it very economical.

It is geared towards grades K-6 but all ages needing more math fact mastery can gain from this program.

There are many different options available with this program. For younger children, there is a learn feature that covers addition and subtraction facts using dot cards which have a similar look to dominoes.  

UberSmart Math Facts Review
The next level for learning has an interface that looks exactly like flash cards.  These include flashcards for addition and subtraction (goes up through the 9's for both).  It also covers multiplication and division (goes up through the 20's for both).  The program is set by default for multiplication and division up to 12x12 but you can change it as far up as 20x20. 
UberSmart Math Facts Review

We found the overall program very user friendly and my children really enjoyed this part of their school day.  I have one son who is extremely competitive so he wanted to keep going to try to beat his own time.  We spent most of our time in the compete section.  The teacher has the ability to change the seconds per problem, what facts they wish their student to work on, whether or not they want them to retake or skip facts they have already mastered, and lots more.

I had each of my children complete the assessment section which gave a great overview of what they already knew and even gave instructions if they needed to practice more in keyboard entry.  Under the practice tab, children can practice their keyboard skills (10 key).

Here is a small sample of Sarah's assessment.  As you can see, it was recommended that she practice her keyboard skills before beginning to test her math fact skills.

Since all of my children know there math facts pretty well, we mainly used this as a reinforcement to help them become quicker at recalling them.  Here is the schedule we set up and plan to continue to use it daily through out the rest of the school year.  Each set is practiced for at least 10 minutes.

Monday & Tuesday                    Wednesday & Thursday
addition & subtraction                 multiplication & division

The program is basic and sticks straight to learning the facts but I think that's one of the characteristics that makes it work so great.

If you are looking for a program that will aid your children in learning and becoming faster at math facts, this is a great program.  It frees you up to work with other students on more in depth learning as well.  
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