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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Week(s) In Review

Wow, we are already heading into Week 4 and I haven't updated any of our weeks so far so here is a short snippet of Weeks 1-3!

Family Fun

We attended a local peanut festival and had fun filling up on boiled peanuts and games.   

Regular dance activities started back.  This year, Sarah will be our only dancer which is really weird!  Jonathan is working most days and doesn't want to do any other activities and Stephen has chosen to focus on soccer which will be starting up soon.

In our homeschool

This school year, we have a 6th grader, 8th grader, and an almost 11th grader.

Stephen (8th) and Sarah (6th) are completing My Father's World Explorers to 1850 together with me.  One of our main goals this year is to memorize the entire book of James!

 This activity is still incomplete but we are building a wigwam.  

We are still trying to find our fit with a Foreign Language curriculum.  Here, Stephen was trying out a free online trial.  He enjoyed it but we are still unsure.

Other Fun Stuff

 After watching Di from Organize With Style's tutorial on YouTube for this beautiful fall wreath, I decided to give it a try myself.  I love it!  Now, bring on the fall temps!  I can't wait to pick up my pumpkin spice latte and wall scents next!

Stephen is still a cadet with CAP and flew this little baby all the way to Virginia. So proud of him!

We also had a birthday to celebrate!  Sarah turned 11.  Her favorite thing to do is make her own birthday cake and that she did!

Weigh In

I'm still kind of stuck on my current weight loss journey but I have been consistently adding walking back into my routine which has allowed for some beautiful sunsets.

I’m cooking…

If you are a regular reader here, you know I've struggled in this area and keep trying new things to switch up our menus.....BUT I'm still pretty much cooking the exact same things.  They are working and keeping me in budget so for now, I'm sticking with it!  Here is one picture I found that screams a summer meal.

And there you have a quick wrap-up of our 1st three weeks back in school!  My plan is to update weekly.  I love looking back at our updates but I need to set aside a specific time to make that happen!  Happy September and happy back to school!


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