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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up 26 & 27

Sometimes, it's a bi-weekly wrap up.  This would be one of those.  :)

In my life this week…

Spring has sprung!!  YAY!!

Update on Jonathan:  This was week 3 in the cast so he was able to remove it (so stinky!!) and stretch his hand.  He said it feels a little stiff and tingly but overall well.  We go Monday for the official x-ray and hopefully the release for back to normal!

On our way home from our Costco trip, we heard a loud sound that sounded like a tire busting.  Hubby got out and saw nothing. We made it home safe and sound.  The next morning, we see this.  God is so good - glad that didn't happen on the side of the busy highway!

I'm still reading Smart Money Smart Kids.  This week, we have the opportunity to ask Rachel and Dave questions and right now I'm drawing a blank!!

In our homeschool this week…

Stephen and Sarah only have about 7 weeks of school left before summer break!  Jonathan will be going through the summer.  We are planning to take a spring break week at the end of April. We have our anniversary and a 16th birthday to celebrate so that's a perfect week to do it!  

We are in full swing with reviews as well!  So, you should see some fun reviews coming up.  As always, several of them came at the perfect time and were items I would have never even knew that I needed until they were in our hands.

Here is a video of math in our homeschool.

Weigh In

For the first time in 15 years at least, I am in Onederland!!! Onederland is a Biggest Loser phrase that I loved.  Now, to stay there!!

As happy as I am to achieve that goal, I hold this truth in my heart from Made To Crave.

I’m cooking…

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  1. Congrats on Onderland!! How exciting! And, wow your tire! So glad you made it home. God is good!


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