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Thursday, April 3, 2014

April Menus and Grocery Budget

Budget - $500 - So, I had to raise it.  Prices just keep going up and I can't be in denial any longer.

Our breakfast and lunch menus stay pretty much the same and breakfast foods are always available as a backup dinner option too!

I don't elaborately plan but like to have an idea of what is on hand and what is needed. 

Here is my list of April Meals.  

ham steaks 2
pasta x 4
oven bbq chicken x 2
rotisserie chicken
taco ring
pork roast x 2
sloppy joes
chicken and rice
chicken pot pie
buffalo chicken salads
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I'll add in the videos as I make them and update the budget overage/shortage.

Budget - $500
Spent - $361

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