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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

5 Days of Homeschool Life - Day 3

Welcome back to our life - day 3.
Here is Day 1 and Day 2 if you missed them.
Pictures were taken over the course of 2 days!

Today, I will share our schedule outline with you.  I call it an outline because we do not necessarily follow it step by step every day.  We actually have 2 schedules that we follow through the school year.  For 24 weeks during the year, we follow this schedule.  For the rest of the weeks, we follow the schedule you see below.  We are a part of a local Classical Conversations community so we modify our schedule to fit our needs.  Below is our current schedule that we are using since our CC year has ended.  Feel free to download either one and edit it for your family if you find it helpful!

Color coded daily Schedule without CC.

Again, I must say that this is a reference for us.  I am not a slave to it but it does help me to "do the next thing".  For instance, my husband is normally off on Mondays so there are many Mondays that we take off or have field trips instead!  I also took NyQuil last night and overslept this morning so all of this is currently running several hours behind!

Morning Routine
Breakfast is usually fend for yourself and this is what their choice normally is.  Please don't hate.  :)

After breakfast, the kids get dressed and ready for the day and do their assigned chore from our Motivated Moms planner. (affiliate link)

School Time - School is done all over in our house.  We have our "school room" set up in my bedroom. Even so, we still work in the living room, the dining room, bedrooms, - all over!

Bible Time -  We use My Father's World (MFW) and add in any review items that we may be doing.  As a result of reviews, we are currently doing both MFW and God's Great Covenant because we loved it so much.  I only received 1 student book so we just do it orally. :)

We also include MFW's geography during our Bible time.

Proof that 8th graders still like to color! 

Math - Jonathan uses Teaching Textbooks, Pre-Algebra.

Stephen normally uses Saxon but here he is working on a review item, Envision Math - coming up soon!
Sarah also uses Saxon.

Reading - They have individual reading time but we have also added in a few books from Five In A Row that I picked up at our library.  You would not believe how much fun these children are having with these picture books.  I think it helps them to relax and they all love drawing.  Mainly, I read the background information, the book, and they pick an illustration to draw from the book.  Today's book was A Pair of Red Clogs.
Here are the finished illustrations.

Here is our artwork center aka the side of the fridge. :)

Piano practice - They are each being taught by their grandmother to play the piano.  She is such a blessing to us.  She is also great at teaching art!  She wants them to move up to guitar and violin lessons next.  The children are excited to do that as well!

Writing - This was rough draft day and I love to see them spread out like this!  Currently, we are all using Write Shop D - another review coming soon!  Jonathan was using Write With World but asked to join us with this one so I said sure.  And yes, that is a Nerf bullet by Stephen's toe - I have no clue why but it does count for a typical day, lol!

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Coming up next - A typical afternoon with pictures.


  1. Love it! That breakfast looks vaguely familiar........

  2. Makes me feel right at home! Love it!

    We use MFW, too -- and it's super easy to add the review items.

  3. LOL It's usually Kid's Choice for breakfast AND lunch here! ;) And it's OK! Kids should be able to make a simple, healthy meal for themselves (and sometimes siblings). You're QUITE organized! We have a "loose" daily schedule around meals with school in the morning and activities in the afternoon and/or evenings.

  4. We've been known to have it for supper too!


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