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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

5 Days of Homeschool Life - Day 2

Welcome back to our life - day 2.  Today, I will share "my brain" with you.  Saturday planning cannot be done without "my brain".   "My brain" is where I keep everything at arms reach for the upcoming week.  

Here is "my brain"...
 On the left is a nice pocket where I keep extra supplies like dividers, paper, post it notes, labels, and scissors.

Here's what is inside...

Tab 1 - My personal quiet time sheets from the Hello Mornings group.

2nd tab - the week's chore sheets from the Motivated Moms chore planner. (affiliate link)  We all use this for our morning and afternoon chore time.  I write each child's name beside the chore I want them to do and am or pm.

3rd Tab - Daily Schedule (our will share more about this tomorrow!)

4th Tab - Current Attendance Record from The Well Planned Day Planner. (affiliate link)

5th Tab - Weekly Lesson Plan Sheets from My Father's World and this one that I shared yesterday.

6th tab - Weekly Sonlight reading schedule for each child/core and the reading comprehension questions.

Tab 7 - Our My Father's World Bible Memory Verses for the year.  You can also find cute printable of these verses for free at Mama Jenn's.

Tab/Pocket Folder 8 - Our weekly student sheets from My Father's World on one side.

Tab/Pocket Folder 8 Other side - Other Weekly Sheets such as First Language Lessons, vocabulary, biology sheets, etc. 

And there you have "My Brain"! Be sure to check out day 2 from my fellow crewmates by clicking on the banner below. 

Coming up next - our daily schedule and a typical morning for us right now.


  1. Ha ha ha - "your brain" - I love that! (And I can so relate!) Thanks for sharing today!

  2. This is great, thank you for sharing this!

  3. Can't go anywhere without it - lol

  4. Funny, I shared about Motivated Moms this morning, too. Isn't it great? I usually tweak everything like that to personalize it or streamline it, but this is one that I happily use just as-is. Which Sonlight is this chart from?

  5. I love Motivated Moms and I use it just as is too!! I also have the app, lol. I'm still a print girl at heart though, I guess. The SL chart is an older version of what is now Core D - Intro to American History.

  6. Nicole@Journey to ExcellenceMay 15, 2012 at 1:26 PM

    Oh how I wish I was as organized as this! My brain is, well, in my brain. I do have my planner with our daily lessons. But the rest is such a mess!

    Hope that my America: The Story of Us resources will be useful to you!!

  7. Oh wow! I so wish I could be so organized. Do you mind giving us some of your brain (just a tiny bit ;-). At any rate I am definitely inspired for next year!

  8. Hi Melissa! Thanks for sharing--I love your planning sheets! One of my biggest weekly hurdles is getting all the assignments printed off ahead of time...I hate running around making last minute copies/prints as we are trying to get started with a lesson or activity. Do you get all your prints/copies/handouts prepared during your weekly Saturday plan time? I know I could be more effecient with this...would love to hear how you handle it!

  9. Yes, it has to be done on Saturday or it seems it just doesn't get done and then I am left floundering on what to do. The first time I did it, it seemed to take forever but as the weeks went on, I usually just had to change the lesson or chapter number and move on. The time it took decreased greatly.

    First, I look over our schedule for the upcoming week, then I plan around it if we are going to be out that week. Then I print the weekly schedule, & each child's checklist. I print our MM chore lists for the week too. The MFW sheets I made copies of at the beginning of the year for the whole year and just pull out a week's worth. The student sheets, same thing - just pull out the week's worth. SL, pull what they are currently reading from the big SL book too. I hope that helps!

    It's a lot of ink really but it helps me! I'm am such a print girl!!

  10. You've got a great "brain" there! LOL I use a very simple monthly calendar for my "brain". It seems when I get more "detailed" then that I stop using it! So, I stick with out works for me. I've always wanted (but never kept up) a "brain" like yours!

  11. That is the key - no matter the size or shape of the brain - use the one that fits you! ;) Thanks for stopping by!

  12. WOW. You are super organized!! Your "brain" is awesome. =)

  13. I hope to update this soon as I no longer use quite so many planning sheets and have streamlined some. YAY me!! :)


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