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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Homemaker's Challenge - 31 Days To Clean - Day 3

Homemakers Challenge - 31 Days to Clean

Day 3 - 10 Ways To Give Life To Your Home

Answers from my family on what chore that I do makes them feel most loved.

Jonathan and Stephen both surprised me with their answers! They said, "when you teach me"!  I thought for sure cooking would go in there!

Sarah had a very hard time narrowing the question down to one specific thing so she ended with "when you help me clean and cook for me".

My husband said cooking also but he too had a hard time narrowing the question down.  I would have a hard time answering also.

I am so much a Martha - just give me the tasks to do and I'll get them done but stop asking me to think about things, lol.

Day 3 before pictures - there's where all my pens are!!  I'm only 5'3" so I can't see up here at all and never put anything up there so I'm off the hook on this one!  

some of my cabinet doors - this is actually the before!  I love these doors - custom made by my father in law and husband and very little dirt do they ever show so I'm skipping this one.  :)

And as Mother's Day approaches I wish everyone a very Happy Mother's Day!  Enjoy being "in tha mutherhood"!

And by the way, when you see a space that should have a picture but doesn't - I haven't done that chore yet :).

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