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Friday, January 21, 2011

Week 18

Déjà vu week!  

Monday started really well as the kids had dance performances at the local theatre for a Martin Luther King Jr celebration which was really awesome!!  

Tuesday, I was awakened to, "Moooooommmmmyyyyy, I don't feel good!!!!!!"  Yep, more sickness and yeah we need a little grammar lesson there :).  Little Sarah came down with strep for the second time in months and felt just plain miserable! 

So, Wednesday we spent at the doctor's office with everyone else from our county!  Needless to say, the schedule this week - well, it was NOT followed! The boys still worked very hard though and did what I asked of them even if it was in the afternoon and for that I am so grateful and proud!

We spent a lot of time on our memory work and watching Speekee this week.  We also focused on our vocabulary and writing from IEW.
My sick princess but still smiling!  Here's to everyone being well!

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  1. I hope your daughter gets "well" soon. lol Makes for a relaxed and short week sometimes. Hope next week has more fun and less sickness.


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