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Friday, January 28, 2011

TOS Review: Ten Marks

My response to today's review product might just completely shock you.  It did me!  I did see it coming but I was holding on as long as I could.  I never, ever thought I'd like a computer based math program.  Okay, I'm getting ahead of myself here. 

Today's review product is TenMarks. It is an online math program that helps students refresh, learn, and master math concepts - in their own time, at their own pace. Each child receives a personalized curriculum to help them master the concepts quickly. I used TenMarks with my 4th grader and 7th grader.

TenMarks offers lessons and personalized programs that cover all the core math skills and concepts your child will need. It is for grades 3-10, covers over 100 core skills per grade, has video lessons and hints for every topic, and is mapped to state standards. Each topic only contains 10 questions (a wonderful feature according to my kids :). The answers were in the form of multiple choice which was the one thing that I was not really fond of. If you'd like to see what curriculum is available for your state go here. You can also watch videos of how TenMarks works here.

As the parent, TenMarks allows you completely customize your child's curriculum. You get to choose which worksheets you'd like for your child to work on, how many per week, and at what grade level. You can even pause the program which we did during the holiday break! I loved that feature. I also switched some of the worksheets around when I noticed one child was constantly getting a do over because the level he was on was too advanced for him. You can also set up rewards after your student completes so many worksheets - any reward you'd like - just type it in and the countdown will begin for your student. My children wanted to do double so they could get to their reward faster :) Also, the student unlocks fun games that they can play after completing so many worksheets. My boys LOVED this part too.

I always tell the kids when we are starting a new review and for them to give me their honest opinion so that we can help other families in their curriculum choices. Well, this is the first one that they said - can we buy it so we can keep doing it! Wow, on a math curriculum. We did have a few issues with the online program when TenMarks experienced a server crash but no information was lost and they had the problem resolved pretty quickly.

You can purchase a TenMarks online subscription here for $10 per month, bi-annually for $49, or annually for $89. Those prices are per student. If you'd like to give it a try first, there is a free trial here.

Would our family purchase this resource?  I cannot say with 100% yes at this time.  The price being per student would be nearly $300 just for math for our family.  It is s a wonderful program and I know that my boys will be disappointed when our subscription expires but at this time we could not continue it.  It is a product that will be high on our "considering" homeschool list though.


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**Disclaimer:  I received a free trial subscription in exchange for my review.  The opinions here are my honest and true evaluation!

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