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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

TOS Review: Lifeway Christian Stores

Lifeway is one of those stores that I find myself just browsing in for hours.  I love their stores and online resources.  My kids are the same way!  They love the toy/book section but they also love the music section.  Lifeway has so many products to offer - not just bible studies but cards, gifts, toys, books, candy, etc!  I've purchased many items from there, both in the store and online for our family and gifts for other families.

 Lifeway sent the crew The Holman Illustrated Bible to review and like the other products I've purchased before, I was not disappointed.  We LOVE this book!  It such a great resource book!  We have found ourselves using it often during our bible and history times.  The maps included are some of our favorites. Each page is in full color!!  I am such a visual person and so are my children.  It is designed for ages 5 through 10 but again I think it is great for all ages!  Studying about Daniel?  Go to the "D" index and you'll find him.  Want to know about the city of Iconium (I did, from my bible study Living Beyond Yourself), go to the I index and there it is.  Also included are full color illustrated charts that include subjects such as birds in the bible, foods in the bible, musical instruments in the bible, the apostles, insects in the bible, etc.  Ever had trouble pronouncing a name of the bible?  The pronunciations are included too!

More features include:
  • 750 Essential Bible Words
  • Kid-friendly definitions
  • Pronunciation system
  • Alternative spellings for words from King James Version
  • 500 full color photos, illustrations, reconstructions, and maps
If you would like to see a sneak peak of this beautiful book go here.  You can purchase your own copy of The Holman Illustrated Bible here for $14.99 + s/h.

Would our family purchase this resource?  Yes, we have used it so much already.  It is a wonderful addition to our homeschool library!


Don't forget to check out what my fellow crewmates thought of Lifeway Christian Stores and The Holman Illustrated Dictionary.

Here is Jonathan looking at the map of the split of Israel and Judah - great companion for our CC memory work!

**Disclaimer:  I received a free book in exchange for my review.  The opinions here are my honest and true evaluation!

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