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Friday, January 14, 2011

Week 17

Another week of not quite back to schedule.  It wasn’t due to sickness this time though, praise the Lord!  We had some wintry weather that caused schedule cancellations which in turn allowed us to catch up even more on the school work we were behind on.  Yay, us!!
Our schedule is working great and really keeps me focused on what needs to be done next. And for some strange reason – we are getting it all done!
Bible – in Daniel and talked about Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazzar and the writing on the wall and currently at King Darius taking over.
Math – Stephen and Jonathan have been using Ten Marks and really like it.  They are also still doing drills with Math Facts Now! and Times Alive.  Sarah is also using Math Facts Now! and Times Alive and loving it!  She said to me yesterday, “I can tell you what 8x8=” and sure enough she could!
Grammar – Complex sentences, Indirect objects and diagramming them.
Spelling – We were using All About Spelling but it’s just not working for our family.  I’m having a hard time finding a good fit with spelling.  We tried Abeka, Sequential Spelling, and All About Spelling.  For now, we are just going to do spelling with our IEW vocabulary words.
Writing – IEW’s Medieval History book and still loving that too.  This week, they are writing stories using pictures as their source text.
History and ScienceClassical Conversations snippets and memory work.
Read Alone – Jonathan – Dr. DooLittle, Stephen – Abeka Liberty Tree, Sarah – Bible
Read Aloud – Trouble River – loving this book!  The grandma uses the phrase, “Don’t upset me boy” often so that’s my new phrase for the week,lol.
 CC Memory Work – weeks 1-13 – I’m still blown away here!  We need to work on Ephesians 6 a little more but most other areas they know so well!  We are memorizing KJV so the thees and thous and mayest are a little confusing them.

Foreign Language- CC Memory work, Latin's Not So Tough, and Speekee.

That's a wrap on our week!

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  1. You had a busy week!

    Love your banner photo!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. You had a busy week!

    Love your banner photo!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!


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