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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Weekly Wrap-Up | Week 1 | Back To School

I was really slack last year about updating our homeschool weeks so I am going to try really hard to do better this year!  Anyone out there want to keep me accountable?  Pretty please?!  

The first official week back to school is done. We had a great week. Easing back in always seems to get us back on the right foot. We had a few new items to introduce and more and more independence as my children continue to get older. I found myself just kind of being there for moral support this week!

We kept with our simple traditions of coffee, candy, crayola, and pj's for the first day back.


Of course I had to have my brain by my side! Lesson plans done and ready.

We are beginning each day studying 2 vocabulary words and answering a few Bible trivia questions.  I think this might be there favorite part of the day so far.

Although, Sarah might disagree and choose science this year as her favorite.  I remember these experiments so well since this is my 3rd time going through.  In 8th grade we begin with Apologia's General Science which is their first really independent science curriculum.  So the first week or so I always sit along side as my children prepare to study their lessons independently.  She LOVES the notebook that accompanies the textbook.  I had a feeling she would!

 A sneak peak at a few independent lessons - Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra for Sarah.  She was nervous to begin so I was glad to see the smile!

And Stephen's new English II paces - not his favorite as you can tell but I really think it will help improve his writing skills if he can stay awake.  :)  Notgrass, however continues to be his favorite.  He could eat, sleep, and breathe history!

He also had another big promotion this week - Cadet Chief Master Sergeant!  So proud of his accomplishments and drive in Civil Air Patrol and so thankful for the program and leaders. 

The overall arching theme this week in my Bible studies was the deep, unmerited love God has for me! 

I met my goal of walking/doing a walking video this week so let's hope the momentum carries on for week 2.  Meet you back here, okay?

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