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Friday, October 16, 2015

Back To Life, Back To Reality - Week 8

The break ended and so did my weekend getaway so this week it was back to somewhat normal.  I did plan for Week 8 before I left but I started the week with nothing but that done so I really felt like I floundered my way through everything else.  It worked, we survived but this week I want to start out more prepared!

This was my greeting as I returned back home this week - so sweet!

We hit the road for more car schooling as well.

We're studying the Civil War period and it just floors me the information that I do not remember learning at all.  I know history was extremely boring to me during school which is probably why.  I also can't believe how much I love learning about history now!

I did take the time to snuggle, relax, and enjoy When Calls The Heart!

It was 80's week at dance this week - can you tell?

I hope you have a had wonderful week! What was your favorite part of the week? Breaks and getaways are so needed and refreshing but I also find that getting back into a routine is refreshing as well.  Is that the case for you?  

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