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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Make Over Your Mornings - My Morning Routine

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Early rising has never been my strong suit and I strongly feel that each person has their "own" early rise time.  I love this course because it's not just about becoming a morning person but using the time that you do have to the best of your potential.  

My routine looks like a lot written down but some are extremely easy to accomplish and take less than a minute.

My current morning routine of habits that are already built in and going well include:

  • Putting on my Fitbit - Okay, I need to expand on this one! Is anyone else like me and could NEVER remember to put this thing on first thing?!?  I started placing mine on the bathroom counter because let's face it, I'm in my 40's so the first thing I have to do in the morning is use the bathroom!!  As soon as my hands are washed, I reach over and put on my Fitbit.  Aren't you glad I wash my hands first?  :)
  • personal prayer time
  • personal devotion time - right now I have my morning devotion time using the Hellomornings current study which  is currently in Judges. 
  • drinking my coffee :) - you know this is an important one!
  • breakfast
  • family devotion time
  • make sure kids do doggie duties
  • school
In the process of adding in - worked well last week at least!
  • walking after family devotions
  • drink one bottle of water immediately after walk
New habits I want to add back in gradually:

  • make a quick check in to my Hellomornings accountability group (new session starts tomorrow)
  • looking over my to do list - prioritizing what needs to be done first
  • writing a scripture verse daily - one per week to work on memorizing
  • start a load of laundry
  • dinner preparation
  • morning chores
  • time to just sit still, be quiet, and listen for God to speak - maybe light a candle for ambiance
Sometimes I shower in the morning but the majority of the time I shower at night to make more time for my morning routine.

Stay tuned for my nighttime routine which makes my morning routine even more successful as well as my afternoon routine.

Right now you can receive Day 1 of the Make Over Your Mornings Online Course for FREE!

What does your morning routine look like?

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