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Friday, July 31, 2015

Please Don't Think I'm Perfect!

**Disclaimer:  This post may contain affiliate links.  I love supporting small businesses and I thank you and them for the opportunity to help out my own family!

I have recently jumped on the Periscope bandwagon - not so much scoping myself as interacting and watching others scopes. If you don't know what that is, check out Melanie's post which is where I found out about it myself. Word of warning though: It IS Addictive! Over and over again, while I watch I hear different scopers saying that the blog world often portrays people as staged or unreal. So, let me put this disclaimer out now although if you are a regular reader I'm sure you already figured this out - I am not perfect!
I am the queen of inconsistency!  When one area of my life is going well, another one is falling behind.  I am only human and there are just not enough hours in my day to accomplish everything that my heart desires no matter how well I plan my time!  When I give up on one time sucker, I fall into a new one - ie: periscope!!

My personality definitely has some type A tendencies. However, I can easily just push aside whatever plan I've taken the time to come up as well.  I love the planning process! It's the follow through that I've always had problems with.  I'm currently taking Mystie Winckler's Simplified Organization course and love her quote - "What is the point in having a list, after all, if you never look at it?"  - so true!! 

So currently just some of my inconsistencies include...(I started to type fails but I really don't look at them as failures or that would cripple me from moving forward.  I just look as them as life!)

  • losing weight
  • menu planning
  • sticking to the cleaning schedule
  • keeping up with the grocery budget or the budget at all
  • spending quality time with my children
You know what keeps me keeping on despite my life re-directions - God.  He knows just how imperfect I am but He keeps sending me friends to encourage and inspire me to get back up and do it again and more importantly He loves me despite it all.  

I truly believe that the only failure is quitting!  So, I'm off to add to that brain dump and finish getting the school area ready for the year!  We can do this - just never give up!

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