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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Lining The Shelves - Yearly Planning Underway!

We've picked the date for our "official" return back to school - August 11th!  We're still working a few things here and there this summer and more importantly cleaning off the shelves and room for the new!

Sarah has been such a big help to me this school year and LOVES to organize so it's been fun.  We're not finished but we're making progress.

Here's a sneak peak at our 9th grade curriculum this year.  I decided not to go with My Father's World Ancient History and Literature this year but we're using some of their resources.  We're going to use Notgrass History as our alone spine this year.  Stephen is getting excited too!

Here's the 5th cycle of My Father's World - 1850 to Modern.  Sarah will be completing it mostly alone this year.  So, here's a sneak peak at 7th grade.

I'm still working on Jonathan's, who will be a Senior this year!!!!  Oh my, where do these years go? He has a pretty light load and is continuing to work 35 hours a week. He's still unsure what he wants to do after graduation but he knows it doesn't involve school.  :) 

Here is a closer look at the read aloud books included with My Father's World that I will read to all.  We love our read aloud time!

A little yearly planning in the works - looks like a bunch of jumbles but I know what it means!


  1. I see that you are using Saxon math this year. Can you compare Saxon Algerbra 1 with Teaching Textbooks Algerbra 1 and why you chose Saxon? Thanks

    1. Hi Amanda! We chose Saxon this year for my 9th grader because TT seemed to be a little too easy for him and didn't really challenge him enough. He has used Saxon in the past and thought it challenged him a little more. I am going to regret the grading, honestly, but hoping it will challenge him a little more. I'll let you know!


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