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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Review of Purposeful Design

Purposeful Design Review

We recently had the chance to review a wonderful book by Purposeful Design called Purposeful Design: Understanding the Creation.
Purposeful Design Review
Purposeful Design: Understanding the Creation takes you through the seven days of creation in a way that I have never quite seen before. It comes in a hardcover book and has 96 pages.  You can purchase it here for $18.95.

Each page is filled with full color images that appeal to all ages. It reads and looks like a storybook but it is filled with science facts. It is certainly not the boring textbook that you may think of when you hear the word science. It has been coined as the coffee table book.  You can download a few chapters to see the beautiful pages for yourself.

The Chapters:

  1. The First Day - Creation of the Heavens and the Earth - the Foundation of it All
  2. The Second Day - Creation of Atmosphere and Water
  3. The Third Day - Creation of the Dry Land and Vegetation
  4. The Fourth Day - Creation of the Sun, Moon, and Stars
  5. The Fifth Day - Creation of the Birds and Fish
  6. Creation Day Six - Creation of Land Creatures and Humans
  7. The Seventh Day 
Here are just some of the topics you will discuss as you journey through the seven days of creation with Purposeful Design: Understanding the Creation:
  • The Moon's orbit
  • The Second law of Thermodynamics
  • The speed of the earth's obit
  • The rain cycle
  • The importance of vegetation and plants to humans
  • Seasons
  • The Earth's tilt
  • Phases of the moon
  • Stars
  • Tides
  • Birds
  • Fish
  • Animals
  • Humans including the perfect design of the human head
Throughout the entire text you will also find many scripture verses pointing you back to the Creator and the fact that we were not just thrown together nor was our universe. God designed it all with a Purposeful Design. Author Jay Schabacker's goal is to share his findings with all. He wants his readers to marvel that God's love shines forth in His creation.  

Available at the website is a free curriculum guide called the Purposeful Design: Young Explorer’s Club to go along with the book. Each chapter has scripture memory, questions that include fill in the blank and comprehension, several scripture verses for reflection, a sketch area, and it closes with a time of prayer.  There is also a teacher's edition that includes the answers and a certificate of completion for each chapter.

The back of the book has a resource page with a Bibliography and recommended reading.

We used Purposeful Design: Understanding the Creation as a read aloud book in our homeschool with all three children (grades 10, 8, and 6).  I used the Purposeful Design: Young Explorer’s Club as a guide to help us discuss what we read as a family. Our favorite part was all the scripture verses that were added in to each day of creation. This book helped us to marvel and be thankful for all of God's creation.

I think this would be a wonderful resource for all homeschool families.

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