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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Countdown To Thanksgiving

**Disclaimer:  I received a free copy of this ebook in exchange for my review.  The links below are affiliate links. All opinions expressed are my own.

Amy Puetz, owner of Golden Prairie Press, has produced a new Countdown to Thanksgiving Ebook.  If you are looking for something to help your family slow down and focus on being thankful this holiday season, this is a great resource for you.

We were given the chance to review this colorful ebook and I wanted to share a little of what you will find inside.

Countdown to Thanksgiving is available in both ebook and printed book formats.  The ebook is in color while the printed book is in black and white.  Both the ebook and the printed book sell for $17. 

Countdown to Thanksgiving is broken down into 14 daily lessons that can be completed leading up to Thanksgiving.  Each day includes a beautiful Thanksgiving story.  Many of the stories are from the 1800's and 1900's.  Some of the stories included are...

  • "Helen's Thanksgiving" by Susan Coolidge
  • "Why He Carried the Turkey" by James Baldwin
  • "How Obadiah Brought About Thanksgiving" by Emily Hewitt Leland
  • "The Mother of Thanksgiving" by Amy Puetz
  • "A Mystery in the Kitchen" by Olive Thorne Miller
  • "Squanto" by Mr. Blaisdell and Mr. Ball
  • "The Story of Massasoit" by Robert Mackenzie
  • "Turning the Thanksgiving Tables" By Carolyn Sherwin Bailey

Each day also includes an activity.  The activities are very simple and can be completed easily with very little preparation.  The main thing would be to check any supplies needed for crafts and recipes.  Some of the activities include songs to sing, cooking, crafts such as making pilgrim hats, games, questions about the stories, etc.  

The ebook can be completed with children of all ages but is best suited for children ages 6-14.  Reading through Countdown to Thanksgiving is a great way to bring families together during the beginnings of the hectic holiday time!

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