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Monday, December 31, 2012

Budget and Bills Binder

*****update:  2016 Budget Sheets are now ready!*****

One of my goals for the New Year is to stay on top of our budget.  Inspired by what else - Pinterest.  So, after being inspired I picked the one that would fit our needs the best.

Here is out Bills Binder.

Inside - I purchased 2 of these folders from Staples.  In the clear one is where I place our bills when they come in until it is time to pay them. The blue one will be for deposit receipts and things that can't easily be hole punched.

Tabbed sections include our budget, monthly calendar, and tabs to file the bills once they are paid.

I couldn't find a calendar that had what I wanted on it so I made my own.  Here is where I will list the bills and mark them off when they are paid.  I can also keep up with balances and watch them go down!

Free Printable Budget Calendars - click here.  Here's to 2013!


  1. are you make calendars for 2014 I really love these it make bill organizing so much easier

  2. Yes!! Working on them right now, even! I will post them when I finish!

  3. Here they are!

  4. very helpful... love your calendar :)

  5. I too have used your calendar all 2013 and was extremely excited to find your blog again and see that you had anticipated my need, THANK YOU! This time I Pinned your blog so I will easily find you next year.

  6. Replies
    1. Yes, Jess, you can find those here -


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