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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

TOS Review: Visual Latin

We are what I like to call an "eclectic classical"  homeschool so of course Latin is a language that we all want to learn.  Our goal is to read the Vulgate!  We have tried a few different Latin curriculum and this time had the opportunity to review Visual Latin.

I loved it, my kids loved it and the teachings really stick with you.  Our first lesson was on the Latin verbs est and sunt which in English translate to is and are.  The lessons are so short and simple yet I have learned more from this Latin curriculum than any other so far!

Here are my children watching the video lesson and then reading the translation on the worksheet.

The lessons are broken down into three parts.

  • Part A - Grammar - Here is where you are taught the new grammar for the lesson by fun and quirky Latin teacher Dwane Thomas.  After this lesson, the child completes a worksheet to reinforce the lesson.

  • Part B - Sentences - Here, Dwane gives sentences using the grammar that you learned in part A.  Again, a short worksheet is completed after the visual lesson.  

  • Part C - Reading - Dwane actually reads passages from the abridged Latin Vulgate!!  Remember, our goal?  Well, with the first lesson complete we are already reading the Latin Vulgate by repeating after Dwane as he reads it!  Then once again, there is a worksheet where the child translates the passage just gone over in the video by themselves.  

It seems such a simple process but it really works. Do you have Latin flashcards and Latin charts lying around everywhere?  We do - and it has been so liberating not to touch them since we began Visual Latin.  Instead of memorizing stacks of Latin words, they have you using Latin right away by jumping right in.  I must also give you a warning:  you and your kids may actually laugh while doing Latin!  

Here is a quick explanation video of Visual Latin.

Visual Latin is available in DVD or download.  It is like having your very own Latin tutor follow you around where ever you go!

You can try introductory lessons for free! You can purchase a DVD of all Latin 1 which includes 30 complete lessons for a sale price of $80 (regular price is $90).  You can also purchase a DVD of the lessons broken up into 10 lessons each for the cost of $30 each.

The product we reviewed was the download product which includes lessons 1-10 and costs only $25.  Lessons 11-20 and 21-30 can also be purchased individually for $25 each.

Would our family purchase this Latin curriculum?  Absolutely!!  This is a wonderful way to learn Latin.  I love the unique concept and how easy and simple it is to learn!

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**Disclaimer: I received a free download of Lessons 1-10 in exchange for my review. The opinions here are my honest and true evaluation!

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  1. We just loved this program too. What a blessing this review was for us. I've already purchased the rest of level 1.


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