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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Review: How To Market and Sell Your Ebook

Okay, confession time again!  That's twice in one week.  Writing an ebook has never even crossed my mind. I love the information available today in the form of ebooks but for me to personally write one. way!  So, why in the world did I read and review a book on selling and marketing your ebook?  Because, it is a book written by a mom just like me.  A mom trying to support her family.  A mom who has a passion of helping other moms.  A mom who has many talents and gifts and among them - writing ebooks.

I had previously read Sarah Mae's two other ebooks - Core Lies and 31 Days To Clean.  Core Lies is available for free and 31 Days To Clean is only $4.99.  I enjoyed both of those so I wanted to see what this one was about too!

Let me just tell you that after finishing reading this ebook, I felt empowered to write my own!  And remember I had no desire before AT ALL!  So, if you have even the slightest urge to write your own ebook - you will definitely want to get this one to aid you in the process.  Sarah Mae gives you step by step instructions on promoting, editing tips, frequently asked questions for the skeptical, resources available, costs analysis, and so much more.  

And again, her pricing is so affordable!   How To Market and Sell Your Own Ebook is only $4.99.  Honestly, it has so many valuable resources included in it that it is worth much more than that.  She shares with you her own personal success story and gives you what worked for her step by step!  

Right now, you can win your own marketing package along with this ebook!  You can also check out the table of contents.

And for my readers, I have a free copy to give away!  So, if you are interested in winning your own copy of  "How To Sell and Market Your Ebook" read the following guidelines.

  1. You must be a follower of Grace Christian Homeschool.  If not, you can do so easily by hitting the follow button in the sidebar.
  2. Leave me a comment stating what ebook topics you would be interested in reading about and make sure you leave me an email address!  

Contest ends July 4th and the winner will be announced July 5th.  One winner will be chosen by my Sarah in honor of Sarah Mae!


  1. I would read an e-book on topics such as: adoption, orphan care, homeschooling, and organization.

  2. I would read an e-book on everyday dilemmas we have in parenting such as picky eaters, sleep issues, etc.

  3. Head Ant - you are the winner! I will be contacting you by email!

  4. I would read an e-book on topics such as: adoption, orphan care, homeschooling, and organization.


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