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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Homeschool Curriculum For Sale

All books used in our homeschool and in good condition.  All items include shipping media mail - US only.  Paypal only please.  Thanks for looking!  Email me if interested!

Learning Grammar Through Writing - $6ppd

Positive Action for Christ - Growing with God TM and Chorus CD - $25ppd

  • Teacher Manual has a few coffee stains and is in a binder. You know a mom must have her coffee :).   Hymn and Chorus Cd case has a crack but Cd works fine. 

The Greenleaf Guide to Famous Men of the Middle Ages and Textbook (pb) - $15ppd
  • 1997 edition

Painless Grammar - $7ppd

Sonlight Core 2 – Includes IG with copyright 2003 and includes the regular readers for 5 day schedule – $85 ppd
The Beginner's Bible
Pompeii...Buried Alive
Owl At Home
Frog and Toad are Friends
Mouse Tales
Greg's Microscope
Hill of Fire
Frog and Toad All Year
Daniel's Duck
Amelia Bedelia
Nate the Great
Frog and Toad Together
The Big Balloon Race
The Fire Cat
The Sword in the Tree
Wagon Wheels
The Titanic Lost...And Found

Abeka 5 Language Arts – $40ppd
Lesson Plan Book
Language B test key
Language B teacher key
Readers: Rosa, Noah Webster, Windows to the World, Beyond the Horizon, Of America, Adventures in Nature (quizzes missing)
spelling and vocabulary test key

Abeka 5 Science/Health – $40 ppd
Lesson Plan Book
Health Reader – Enjoying Good Health
Answer key to reader
tests, quizzes, and worksheets student pages
tests, quizzes, and worksheets answer key
Science Reader – Investigating God’s World
Answer key to reader
tests student book – missing first 2
tests key
quizzes student book – missing first 6
quiz answer key

Abeka 5 History/Geography
Lesson plan Book
Reader – Old World History & Geography
answer key to reader
maps & activities student book – missing first 11
maps & activities teacher key
review maps book
tests student book – first 2 missing
tests answer key
quizzes student book – first 6 missing
quizzes answer key

Abeka 2 - $30ppd
Arithmetic 2 lesson plans
Arithmetic 2 Tests and speed drills key
Letter and Sounds 2 Test key

More to come later!!

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