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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up - Uhm or maybe the monthly one!

I have been so slack in posting our weekly wrap ups and I love going back to look at these!!  Worse of all, that was one of my New Year's goals!!

So, I'm posting a few weeks together to catch up.  I've mentioned before that this is a milestone crazy year for us. We have one graduating, one beginning his driving journey, and one becoming a teenager!  I am stocking up on the kleenex now.

Oh the places we will study and the snuggies we will wear when we homeschool.

Oh the books we will read when we homeschool. 

This one is a favorite!!

We had a few nice days in between a little ice and rain.  Hard to get in my steps when I can't get outside like I want.  

I can't believe that January has come and gone.  Graduation day is coming soon - yikes!!!

Chat with me:  How is your homeschool year of 2016 going so far?

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  1. oh what milestones you are all hitting soon... we are doing well with our year..I am really on the fence if we are more unschoolers or homeschoolers ...some days both, some days either your weekend

  2. I've got a beginning driver and others soon-to-follow, too. It is sometimes quite strange to be truly getting ready to send these dear ones out into the world.


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