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Sunday, September 27, 2015

It's A Wrap - Week 6

Week 6 complete - that means for us is a break week is coming up!  I think we're all ready.  This may sound really confusing but we actually break our off week up into two half weeks corresponding to my husband's days off.

We pretty much just read in science this week and skipped any hands on activities basically because I didn't look at the supply list ahead of time and didn't have everything that was needed.  We also didn't have the time!  We hit the road a few times this week and took some school with us.  

The morning air was a little crisper than we were expecting but we loved the cooler temps!

Marley finally got her sign up - made by Sarah!

We made it to the end of the week with our meals from the pantry and then made a huge Costco haul.  We really shouldn't skip Costco because we only go once a month and when we miss, it hurts!

Here's what we pulled from the freezer and pantry for meals.

Again, slack with the pictures. Hey this is real life and when you have to pick your priorities pictures don't always rank at the top.
I hope you have a had wonderful week! What was your favorite part of the week? School at the park was pretty awesome except for the wasps.  

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