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Monday, April 6, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up - Spring Break Split

The beauty of homeschooling is setting your own schedule. We knew this week was going to be busy at the end with church and family activities. So to completely enjoy them and not drag, we decided to take a partial spring break this week and take the remainder next week.  It was a fantastic week and we loved spending time with the ones we love.

Spring temps and blooms are here!  These children are growing up so fast!!

Perfect weather for park days and since we have a new park that just opened not far from us, we took advantage of it! This huge see-saw was hysterically fun!

This is actually from the week before but Sarah and I enjoyed watching Cinderella together!

We enjoyed seeing Flame in concert with my sister and her family!  He was awesome!!

This week's selfie find, lol.  When I started this I didn't really think there would be a weekly picture but so far there has been!

We also continued our state and President studies, tried out a new math review program, and moved closer to the end in several of our subjects for the year.  End of year testing will be scheduled soon!

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