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Thursday, January 30, 2014

eMeals Review

*This post does contain affiliate links!  The opinions here are my own!

Meal Planning saves money and eMeals saves you time and money - double whammy!  I recently received the opportunity to give eMeals a try in exchange for a review.

If you haven't checked out eMeals in a while, you will find that they are constantly adding new menu plans to their selection of menu planning choices.  

We are trying out the Portion Control plan right now because it gives you the total of points per serving making it so easy to plan healthy meals!

Here is the most recent meal we tried called Taco Pie and it received a thumbs up from everyone.  

eMeals makes the shopping so easy too! It comes complete with a shopping list broken down by meals so if we want to skip a meal in the plan it is so easy to tweak.  I love that!

Current subscription prices available are:

3 months for $30 ($10 per month)
6 months for $48 ($8 per month)
12 months for $58 ($5 per month)

You can try sample menus of all the meal plans too! eMeals really does make menu planning quick and simple!

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