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Thursday, January 31, 2013

We love stick figures!

One of my new found loves is stick figuring through the Bible with Grapevine Studies!  I use these lessons in our homeschool, my Wednesday night children's class, and now I'm using one for our ladies Bible study because I just love them so much.

We are currently stick figuring our way through the Old Testament.  My children love the simplicity and  I have noticed how well the lessons stick with them.  Here is a sample of some of their work so far.

Our ladies Bible study group is currently going through Beth Moore's Esther and guess where this month's free download lesson is from?  Esther!  I am so excited to share this lesson with our group because I know they will enjoy it as much as I do.

February Sales and deals
As a way to say thank you to their customers, February 1-7, you can chose 50% off on all student books and ebooks for families. 

From Dianna - "With a slow economy I know many families are struggling and this is our way of helping those, who otherwise could not afford Grapevine, a chance to buy our studies for their families."

For February 8-28, you can save 20% off all items by using code - BlogFeb

As I mentioned above, you can also grab the free elesson from Esther on Queen Vashti.

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  1. Hi Melissa, thanks for sharing your experience with Grapevine Bible Studies! I have a couple of their Bible studies, but have been stuck on how to use them with multiple children. I read the teacher instructions, but how do you use them on a daily basis?


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