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Friday, November 18, 2011

HMJ - 11/18/11

In my life this week…

We had a few rounds with sickness but overall accomplished what I wanted us to.  We even finished painting Jonathan's room!  Now, to get everything moved back in - one baby step at a time!

The sort of before - really the middle! Imagine a kiddie tractor border there in red, green, and blue, lol. 

The sort of after - a happy teenager!

In our homeschool this week...

School has become much more manageable since dropping from Challenge A from Jonathan's schedule.  We've slowed up his workload.  He is still doing pretty much the same amount but we are making sure he has retained the information before moving on.  This has also allowed him to sit in with us as we do our CC memory work.

We are off next week from CC for a break.  During that time, I do plan to do a little review.  A friend shared these lapbooks with me from another fellow CC mom and we began them today.  Here's what we have so far!  We love them!!  This is an affiliate link so you would be helping our homeschool with your purchase.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

We are planning to stay home for Thanksgiving.  That is our tradition. Since the passing of my granny, we have hosted my family for Thanksgiving.  I offer my home, they bring the food!  Win - win!

My favorite thing this week was…

Taking Sarah to tea time with Cinderella.  It was awesome.  I was really inspired to do this at church but with a princess of The King theme.
A princess

A cool princess :)

The brothers escorting the princess' to their chariot,lol.

Sarah and her best buddy Abbi with Cinderella who was a youth from our community.

The food and the fun.

We're reading…sometimes I think we will never finish our books!  

Carry on Mr. Bowditch

George Washington - Young Leader


Read Aloud
Johnny Tremain

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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