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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Homemaker's Challenge - Kitchen Purge

The Challenge:  

Challenge: Spend 15 minutes per day (5 days) purging & organizing your kitchen. Just 15 minutes. Set your timer and set to work.

My kitchen counters seem to always become hot spots.  If someone sits one thing down, it instantly multiplies into three!  So, I wanted to keep my counters purged and clean this week.  I am posting a picture of one of the days.  And honestly, this was the day that it took the longest to clean and I still had 6 minutes to spare!  I've found that what really takes the longest is the procrastination just to get started!!

The before with hot spot galore!

The after in just 9 minutes!
The time to prove it! 6 minutes left!  So stop procrastinating and just do it!!  That is a note to myself!
I love my kitchen.  The only design change I would like to make would be adding a small breakfast table but other than than that I am happy with what I have!

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  1. Isn't it amazing what just a few minutes will do for a spot? Great job and thank you for the encouragement!!
    Joyful Mothering


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