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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Week #8

Wow, time is just flying!!  The weeks seem to come and go so fast lately.  Fall has finally arrived here in eastern NC!!  Yay!! 

Sarah and I started the week with a mother/daughter day and we had a wonderful time.

We have next week off from Classical Conversations so we took the time this week to incorporate some fun review games for the past 6 weeks of memory work.  This was a simple, roll the die and pick a question from the group with that number.

It was funky hair week at dance this week so we got a little funky =)  In the end Stephen's hair drove him crazy so he ended up with a green stripe mohawk for his funky hair.  Jonathan actually tied his on with a chin strap,lol!!

It was a fun and great week.  I feel like we might be finding our groove for the year finally!

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