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Friday, October 29, 2010

Buckets-O-Fun Yuck Review!

Oh boy, doesn't that name just say it all!!  My children or myself for that matter could hardly wait when we got our samples of yuck to try!  We tried the snowy, saucy, chunky, and sticky yucks.  Fun, fun, and fun are the comments from my children. 

What in the world is buckets-o-fun?  It's just as the name describes.  A bucket full of fun - all you need to add is water!  Each substance starts with an acrylic polymer and transforms magically into something else once you add water.

The saucy starts out as something that looks like salt and turns into something that looks like applesauce!  We started out with 1tbsp and got a bowl full of fun stuff (uhm..yuck;)!  A pound of yuck will make 35-60 gallons!!  This is what we started with.
And in less than a minute, this is how it ended up!

You can buy tints to add to the yuck and make your own slime.  How fun would that be at a birthday party?  Or a church youth event?  Or just for fun in your own back yard?

Next up was the sticky.  In our observation, we concluded that the starting consistency was like that of sugar.  Again, we started with 1 tbsp.
And the end result was SNOT,lol!  ICKY!  Sarah did say she will never touch the sticky again :)  It was the hardest to get off your hands which really wasn't hard at all.  A little warm water, and it came off like a charm.  A pound of this makes 5-10 gallons.
Next up, was the snowy.  Okay, here in eastern NC we've had some rather unusual warm temperatures.  So, we made snow with 90 degree temperatures outside.  How cool is that?  It started out with the consistency of salt too and 1 tbsp.
And we ended up with snow!  We couldn't have a snowball fight though because it wouldn't stick but it was still fun!
Our experiment continues as we froze some and are observing it to see if it has any changes.  So, I'll update you when we finish that.  One pound of this makes 25-50 gallons.

Then, there was the chunky.  It starts out with the consistency of rock salt and ends up like ice cubes!  Some ideas given were to fill up a pool with this yuck and hide stuff in it for a treasure hunt.  For a list of more fun games you can download go here.  One pound of this makes 35-60 gallons.
Also available are fun yuck accessories like tints, yuckzookas, and water balloons that you can find here.

Yuck can be purchased by the pound online at Buckets-O-Fun for the following price per pound.

Saucy     $18/lb
Sticky     $20/lb
Chunky  $16/lb
Snowy    $20/lb

Other sizes are also available.  You can also request your very own sample packet of yuck by sending an email to!

Would our family purchase yuck?  Absolutely!  Remember, we only used 1 tbsp and made a huge bowl full of yuck.  This stuff goes a long way!  I asked my children to score this product on a scale of 1-10 and all three gave yuck a 10! 

Remember to be safe with all products that you use.  For a list of yuck safety guidelines you can go here.


Visit my fellow crewmates and find out what a "yucky" time they had too!

**Disclaimer:  I was given this product for review purposes.  I received no other compensation to review this product.  The opinions here are my true and honest evaluation.**


  1. Great post! I didn't think to freeze it to see what would happen. Ice cubes with the Chunky? LOL

    Visiting from the crew.

  2. Great post! I didn't think to freeze it to see what would happen. Ice cubes with the Chunky? LOL

    Visiting from the crew.


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