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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Review of Educeri Lesson Subscription Service | #educeri

Educeri Lesson Subscription Service Reviews
Educeri ....... Educeri a division of DataWORKS has over 1000 Ready to Teach Lessons available with their Educeri Lesson Subscription Service. With a subscription service like this, you can easily supplement any curriculum. There are a variety of subjects available in grades Kindergarten through High School. 

Educeri Lesson Subscription Service Reviews

The beauty of an online subscription service is the availability. You have access to the lessons 24 hours a day so you can prepare any time you wish. These lessons are designed to help teachers teach a variety of topics in subjects such as Math, Science, Language Arts, Writing, History, and more. The majority of the lessons at this time are in the Math and Language Arts sections.

The website is very easy to navigate. You can search by subject or grade simply by clicking the corresponding tabs.

We mainly used the 8th grade Language Arts lessons in our homeschool as that is one of the areas where I find we always need extra practice. The 8th grade Language Arts section had 43 lessons to choose from. I split the lessons up so that we covered 1 lesson per week and I just picked out the ones I thought we needed the extra help with. 

Once you decide on the lesson you wish to teach, you click on that lesson and you are taken to the lesson screen.

In the "Additional Resources" section is where you will find PDF printable pages for your student so the first step is to print those off.  

The next step is to click on the blue button that says "Teach Lesson". You are then taken to a virtual whiteboard where the lessons are completely laid out for you including what to say! There are also little side notes to guide the teacher in making sure the student understands the words being taught in the topic - these are labeled as vocabulary. Included as well are checking for understanding questions (CFU) to ask the student to help them pull from memory what they already know.

The answers to the questions are also given one at a time so you can discuss them with your students. Here is a slide where the answers are given to the first question. As you continue through the slides, the remaining answers are given.  There are even slides that show the student worksheets and answers so you can discuss their independent work as well.  It is pretty neat that you can do this like a virtual whiteboard so no need to even leave your seat.   

You can quickly navigate between slides using the menu button as shown in this slide.  That is a great feature if you wanted to only teach specific concepts.  

I think this program works better having the teacher involved with the lessons. I guess older students could go through the slides themselves but it was designed so teachers could help students with the concepts. As the teacher, you may want to preview the lessons ahead of time too although I had no problems diving in on the day we went through them.
Another great feature is you can use this service with multiple children making it very cost efficient.

The Educeri Lesson Subscription Service can be purchased monthly for $7 or annually for $75. You can also sign up for a 30 day free trial (no credit card necessary) to see if this service would benefit your homeschool.

You can find out more by visiting Educeri on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Educeri Lesson Subscription Service
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