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Friday, December 4, 2015

Wrap Up With a Catch Up

Wow, December!!  The time surely does fly by!  We took a week break during Thanksgiving and I did not get in the planning time that I wanted as I tried to prepare for the last 3 weeks of the school year.  I really might try to plan a month off in December from now on.

Regardless, we are still trying to plug along! 

We are mostly completing what absolutely needs to get done and saving the extras for Christmas time activities. Basketball season is still in full swing as well so car schooling is still a common site around here.  

Stephen has been working hard and completed his next rank in Civil Air Patrol.

A hacker photo lol.  Whoever said teens aren't fun?  

And one of the many reasons why I love My Father's World!

Here's to a wonderful Christmas season!

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  1. So how goes the basketball season?

    I am Annette @ A net in Time

    1. One Word - BUSY! Lol, we have been hitting the roads hard but Stephen is loving every minute of it. They won a nail biter last Friday. Their record currently has more losses than wins but I have seen them all grow so much!


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