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Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up - Week 22


The sun came out!  Yay, there's nothing like a little sunshine to push the itch for spring!  

Overall it was another good week and we are continuing our state and president study which I just love.  Stephen and Sarah really enjoy it as well.  We're simply going over our state sheets that are provided with our curriculum.  They give little "did you know" facts, state birds, nicknames, postal abbreviations, etc.

We now have a Cadet Staff Sergeant residing in our home. We are so proud of Stephen's accomplishments and self discipline to keep moving forward.  

Mom's update

Over the holiday season I gained back 10 of the pounds I worked so hard to lose...ugh.  So, I'm back to tracking and walking and so far I'm back down 5 of them.  This weight loss stuff is so hard. I get bored with tracking but it really helps me to know what I've put in my mouth.  I tried tracking calories with My Fitness Pal but just could never lose that way I wanted so it's back to points tracking with Weight Watchers.

This week's selfie hack

  This week's Scripture Art Journal


  1. I do so much better when I am tracking. I need to do it again.

  2. Love the scripture art journal. I love doodling and coloring so I may have to give this a try. Thanks for the idea.

    Wow, great job Stephen! That's neat. My boys are in something kinda like that. It's Alert Cadet.

    I still have 10lbs to go. I lost most of the weight I wanted to but that last 10lbs just loves me so much it won't leave ;)


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