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Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 Goals Update

Let's take a look at how I did this year with the goals I set for myself.

Notes in red

*daily prayer/bible study time – decide on devotional or study
*exercise 3 x a week (M, W, Th)
*drink 64oz water daily - big fail
*Lose 60 pounds
    1st goal – 10 – by end of Jan
    2nd goal – 10 – by end of Mar
    3rd goal – 10 – by end of May - nope
    4th goal – 15 –by end of Aug - nope
    5th goal –15 – by end of Oct - nope

I've actually gained 5 back the past 2 months...ugh

*send Good morning - I love you txt - not consistent at all
*marriage conference?? - nope
*date night - sorta
*pray daily using 31dbbs - January

*continue to work on praise – write them down -nope
*spend more one on one time even if it’s at home and not out
*something special for a 16 yo – don’t cry :)

Homeschool Teacher
*plan our lessons on Saturdays for the upcoming week
*set up testing (decide what option I want to use this year)
*decide on curriculum for new school year – budget and order -
*keep accurate grades/records
*update homeschool blog at least weekly but hopefully according to schedule
*take more pictures and video of our day - I did well with this but there is always room for improvement here.

*rise and shine by 7:00 - hahahahaha
*update to-do list every night before bed
*set and evaluate monthly goals - started strong but slacked after a few months
*use motivated moms planner daily
*inspect chores DAILY before any free activities can take place – implement a secret reward system??
*continue morning/afternoon chores

Church Member

*pray more – complain less
*head up mother/daughter camp
*help new Youth Pastor
*teach preK SS class
also helped with VBS and summer camp

*making a running review list in calendar
*make a list of family serving opportunities and schedule – ie soup kitchen, CHEW bags, local theatre, church,

Youtube Schedule - did pretty well with this
*Monday – grocery haul
*Wednesday – weigh ins
*Friday – homeschool, crafts, recipes, favorites, misc
*Saturday – menu planning/week of meals??

Blogging Schedule
*Monday – photo challenge (will help with more posts goal as well) - stopped
*Wednesday – reviews when due
*Saturday – weekly wrap up - could do better with this one!

Financial - well pleased here!
*clear out 2013
*prep for 2014 – print out budget sheets
*set up annual and monthly budget
*evaluate 2013
*set up monthly budget – evaluate bi-weekly
*menu plan weekly (could use some improvement) – budget $125 per week for groceries

So, overall I moved forward in some areas and that's what goals are all about!

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