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Friday, February 7, 2014

February Meal Plan, Groceries, and Budget

**update - We spent $470.42 for the month of February.

Budget - $500 

Here is my list of February Meals.  

Our family monthly budget is $500 (just raised this in December to allow a little more freedom in our groceries for hungry teenagers) but I am going to try my best to stick with $400 each month.  So far, for December and January I haven't been able to do that.  

Our breakfast and lunch menus stay pretty much the same and breakfast foods are always available as a backup dinner option too!

I don't elaborately plan but like to have an idea of what is on hand and what is needed. 

ham steaks x 3
pasta x 4
oven bbq chicken
rotisserie chicken
chicken and rice
chicken pot pie
veggie beef soup x 2
pork roast x 2
eMeals ideas x 4

I'll add in the videos as I make them and update the budget overage/shortage.


  1. That looks good I really need to get control of my grocery budget. I will be following along to see how you do Haha no pressure of course I just hope to gleam some ideas!! ~Love Heather

    1. I've been so slack at updating for February!! I'm pretty sure I'm over again...ugh.

  2. I'm quite interested to see how you do this! I keep thinking that I need to take better control of our food budget, too, but something inevitably pops up or I forget. I am also amazed at how expensive good quality food is in the US. I live in the Netherlands now and whenever I visit my family, I always feel so badly for Americans because food costs up to twice as much. I don't really understand why that is.

    Anyway, good luck keeping within budget!

    1. Thank you! I know - our junk food is way cheaper than the healthy stuff.

  3. I often find myself envying the budgets that folks in the US can manage groceries on. Here, in Canada, when a 4L jug of milk (about a gallon) runs me just under $6, the idea of taking our budget down to $500 a month would have me crying and twitching in the corner.

    Does that $500 *just* comprise food, or everything?

    Found you via BYB

    1. Yes the $500 includes all toiletries, shampoos, paper goods, food, etc. Although I'm finding it harder and harder too. :(

  4. Don't you just love emeals? I discovered them last year when I got a free subscription, and now we couldn't imagine doing anything else. Kudos to you for getting a budget established and trying to stick with it. That is not an easy feat!
    Stopping by from Boost Your blog!

  5. Wow, only $400 a month for groceries! That's incredible with food prices constantly going up and sale & coupons going down. Our area no longer doubles and super doubles up to $1 were gone 3 yrs. ago. We are determined to put in a much bigger garden even if it's in containers AND learn to can!


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