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Friday, February 7, 2014

February Meal Plan, Groceries, and Budget

**update - We spent $470.42 for the month of February.

Budget - $500 

Here is my list of February Meals.  

Our family monthly budget is $500 (just raised this in December to allow a little more freedom in our groceries for hungry teenagers) but I am going to try my best to stick with $400 each month.  So far, for December and January I haven't been able to do that.  

Our breakfast and lunch menus stay pretty much the same and breakfast foods are always available as a backup dinner option too!

I don't elaborately plan but like to have an idea of what is on hand and what is needed. 

ham steaks x 3
pasta x 4
oven bbq chicken
rotisserie chicken
chicken and rice
chicken pot pie
veggie beef soup x 2
pork roast x 2
eMeals ideas x 4

I'll add in the videos as I make them and update the budget overage/shortage.


  1. That looks good I really need to get control of my grocery budget. I will be following along to see how you do Haha no pressure of course I just hope to gleam some ideas!! ~Love Heather

    1. I've been so slack at updating for February!! I'm pretty sure I'm over again...ugh.

  2. I'm quite interested to see how you do this! I keep thinking that I need to take better control of our food budget, too, but something inevitably pops up or I forget. I am also amazed at how expensive good quality food is in the US. I live in the Netherlands now and whenever I visit my family, I always feel so badly for Americans because food costs up to twice as much. I don't really understand why that is.

    Anyway, good luck keeping within budget!

    1. Thank you! I know - our junk food is way cheaper than the healthy stuff.

  3. I often find myself envying the budgets that folks in the US can manage groceries on. Here, in Canada, when a 4L jug of milk (about a gallon) runs me just under $6, the idea of taking our budget down to $500 a month would have me crying and twitching in the corner.

    Does that $500 *just* comprise food, or everything?

    Found you via BYB

    1. Yes the $500 includes all toiletries, shampoos, paper goods, food, etc. Although I'm finding it harder and harder too. :(

  4. Don't you just love emeals? I discovered them last year when I got a free subscription, and now we couldn't imagine doing anything else. Kudos to you for getting a budget established and trying to stick with it. That is not an easy feat!
    Stopping by from Boost Your blog!

    1. Yes!! It sure makes meal planning simple!

  5. Wow, only $400 a month for groceries! That's incredible with food prices constantly going up and sale & coupons going down. Our area no longer doubles and super doubles up to $1 were gone 3 yrs. ago. We are determined to put in a much bigger garden even if it's in containers AND learn to can!


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